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How much are the library's overdue fines?

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Most items do NOT accumulate fines if you return them late.

We only charge fines for materials that circulate for fewer than 28 days. The fine for overdue two- and four-hour material is $1.00/hour the library is open. The fine for overdue 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day reserve material is $1.00/day the library is open. All other material with loan periods of fewer than 28 days is fined $1.00/day per item for each day the library is open. Individuals with outstanding fines or fees at any UW System library will have their borrowing privileges suspended; students may also have “holds” placed on their university records.

Lost items are those that have been overdue for more than six weeks. Lost item fees include the cost of replacement, or if out of print, $60.00 plus a non-refundable $15.00 processing fee. These charges apply to each item lost. If a lost item is returned before payment is made, only the $15.00 processing fee is assessed. If a lost item has been paid for and is later found and returned within one year of payment, the borrower is reimbursed the cost of the item but not the processing fee. After one year, no fees are refunded.

Fines may be paid at the front desk in the library with cash, check or money order. Fines will only be accepted on weekends and 7:30am–4pm on weekdays. Credit cards are not accepted in the library. It may be possible for larger payments to be made via credit through SOLAR. Please contact the library Circulation Office (262-595-2260) or the Cashier's office (262-595-2258) for details in making this sort of transaction.

See the Circulation Policy for more information.